Arakai Estate

Arakai Estate is a 400 acre multi-crop farm in Bellthorpe, Qld, that has been run by the Collins family since 1999.
The farm is run by Brendon and Kristie Collins with the 3rd generation learning the ropes (Lachlan) and learning to walk (Zalia).
We produce green and black tea, avocados, ginger and plantation cabinet timbers.
Our tea was first planted in 2011 and we have produced high quality whole leaf tea since 2015 – taking out the first Golden Leaf awards!
We grow Japanese varieties that are processed in an oolong-inspired style to create aromatic and floral flavours.
The plantation is 1 hectare in size with over 5km of tea hedges that is pruned and harvested by our homemade (mighty) bike harvester.
We continue trying to improve our processes and techniques to produce a high quality, artisan whole leaf tea.

Our winning teas this year:

Gold – Australian Black Tea – 2020/21 Spring Flush Black
Gold – Australian Green Tea – 2020/21 Spring Flush Green
Silver – Worldwide Green Tea – 2020/21 Spring Flush Green