Inspirational Tea Co

At the Inspirational Tea Co., we like to think of our inspired range of teabags and tea products as a warm hug in a mug, and our goal is to make tea lovers feel good simply by pausing for a cup of tea. Where a daily ritual becomes an opportunity to inspire and connect, to invite calm and productivity.
For us though, it goes further than the tea we produce. It’s about how we go about our business and how we continue to make a positive difference even as we grow. We are a proud Australian company with an unwavering focus on community. We walk our talk in everything we do – from showcasing Australian poets and artists in our packaging, eliminating plastic in our gift boxes, and choosing to source almost all our tea from a single plantation that demonstrates ethical and sustainable farming practices.

Delicious tea aside, our biodegradable pyramid teabags come with specially chosen inspirational quotes. With over 20 different tag designs, the bespoke quotes encourage you to pause while your tea brews. The words are encouraging and motivational, so the benefit is not just taking the time to reflect on them, but to be uplifted by them too.