Kaley Tea | Golden Leaf Winners 2022

Kaley means forest in a native tongue of Sri Lanka.

The Kaley tea garden is located in a rural village in Kotapola in the South of Sri Lanka. It is surrounded by a multitude of forests which eventually merge with Sinharaja, Sri Lanka’s largest rainforest and a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. We are blessed with bright warm sunshine and tropical monsoon rain typical of the lowlands, cool mist characteristic of the mountainous region, gusty winds experienced in Sri Lanka’s central highlands, virgin nutrient-rich soils, and crystal-clear water from mountain springs. These distinctive elements make our terroir, rather special.

Kaley Teas, which come from this single garden are grown organically and regeneratively. We handpick the finest leaves from this single garden, naturally withered from forest winds and handcraft tea, as folklore has it, with the healing palms of our artisans. Our teas are made in small quantities and packed fresh within hours of leaving the bush.

Kaley Tea captures the healing goodness and mystical flavours of the forest, giving our teas a harmonious bouquet of fresh and mild flavours; floral, earthy, chocolaty, tangy, and honey-bee sweet. Our product range includes types of Black teas, Green teas, White teas, and Spice teas.

Our raison d’etre is to nurture forests. When embarking on this journey, we asked ourselves, why do people cut down forests? For economic gain? By conserving forests and growing tea within a forest eco-system, we inspire communities who live within and around our tea garden to earn a living in harmony with forests. As we live in communion with the forest, she rejuvenates and embraces us with her healing powers.

Kaley Tea. Healing one person, one community, one forest, one sip at a time.