Matcha Yu

Experience the taste of Japan in a cup with our Multi Award Winning, Japanese Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea.

Matcha Yu Tea are thrilled to be awarded Gold (First Prize) for their Premium Matcha and Silver (Second Prize) for their Everyday Matcha in the 2021 Golden Leaf Tea Awards.

Their Matcha is sourced from Uji and Yame Prefectures, with both regions well known for their superior tea and ideal growing conditions. Matcha Yu is thrilled to have long term relationships with the tea farmers they source from and feel proud to represent them in Australia with their high grade tea.

Matcha Yu Tea’s owner, Erin has been fascinated by Japanese culture for decades. After living in Japan and discovering the joy of drinking high quality Matcha Green Tea, her ongoing mission is to offer others that same rewarding experience drinking high quality Matcha can provide. Matcha should be fresh and vibrant green and Matcha Yu Tea pride themselves on sourcing only the highest quality for their customers.

Also on offer is a unique Tea Shaker device that helps make a cup of frothy delicious Matcha so easily, no Bamboo Whisk or knowledge of Japanese Tea Ceremony required.

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