MentaliTea Collective | Golden Leaf Winners 2022

Mentalitea Collective is a unique tea store supporting your mental health and wellness. We specialise in handcrafted, organic tea blends designed to lift your spirits and relax your mind. After all TEA is more than just a hot drink, it is your companion, nurturer, nourisher and healer.
My goal is to create aromatic, delicious, nourishing and wholesome teas that aid overall wellness, and also invite sharing life lessons in the hope it may help someone else in a similar boat. We are always learning and sometimes that is tough. A friendly reminder, inspirational video/ podcast or open sharing can often make the biggest impact during the most challenging of times. Why would we not support one another?
My proudest achievements are moving overseas solo at 23 years young to work and travel though Europe and starting up my own business after years of dreaming, researching and planning. A beautifully poetic challenge.
A quirky fact about me is I love karaoke and I believe am a terrible singer (so my neighbours tell me anyway). Good for breath work, stress management and fostering joy. Great for the mentality!