Organic Merchant

Organic Merchant is a holistic wellness and lifestyle brand integrating nourishing traditional, indigenous, and innovative practices into the everyday, for the optimal health and wellbeing of people and the planet. Crafted by Naturopath Chalimah Jeanne, OM creates organic teas, tisanes, cacao blends and bath soaks for people, planet, and purposefulness.

Chalimah grew up in a remote coastal town where an immense reverence for the earth’s natural beauty was instilled in her. Ten years ago, while practising as a naturopath when she began creating tea blends for her clients with wellness in mind. They were so popular that she began selling them at markets on the weekends and it grew from there. What started out as 12 tea blends sold at Paddington Markets has expanded to one of Australia’s leading wellness tea brands. This passion and dedication to Mother Nature combined with her deep knowledge as a Naturopath, can be found – and tasted – in each product.

Being a naturopath is not just Chalimah’s vocation but her way of living – an oath to live with purity, mindfulness and in awareness of nature. OM’s commitment to using 100% certified organic produce is a reflection of this. We believe organic consumables are not only better for people, but also for the planet. Our everyday choices are guided by whether or not it will be a good choice for our customers and the planet.

We hand-blend everything fresh in Sydney, delivering the highest quality tea, beautifully presented and sustainably packaged with care and consideration.

At this year’s Golden Leaf Awards, Organic Merchant won 10 awards; gold for best non-traditional chai tea, gold for best tea packaging, gold for best natural green tea blend, gold for best loose leaf herbal tea, gold for best rooibos blend, gold for best matcha blend, silver for best natural tea blend, silver for best fruit infusion, silver for best herbal wellness tea and silver for best tea website.

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