OZTea is an Australian business founded in Melbourne. They started with a passion to improve awareness about tea, herbal drinks and all of their health benefits. At OZTea, they offer premium quality herbal teas, with an emphasis on artisan loose-leaf tea blends.

Farhad Hashemi; is the founder of OzTea and as a Chemical Engineer, Environmentalist and Health Enthusiast Farhad had a dream to start a business and as an avid tea lover, a health conscious and caring individual started his tea and herbal business OzTea in 2019 and launched it officially in Jan 2021 as an online store.

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OzTea entered the competition with two herbal teas, both their signature blends; South African Delight and Borage Blend, and they have been awarded a Bronze medal for their South African Delight blend.
South African Delight is a delicious herbal blend of Honeybush, Persian Saffron, Cardamom and Rose Petals. It is a caffeine-free boosting tea with a sweet taste. The main ingredient is Honeybush which comes from the Cyclopia plant that grows only in South Africa, hence why they call it “South African Delight”.