Wild Orchard Green Tea

Wild Orchard teas have been growing wild on Jeju Island for over 20 years, nourished by the native volcanic soil, ocean mist, winds and subtropical rain—no need for pesticides, chemical fertilizers or even irrigation—resulting in a green tea with the purest, most powerful phytonutrients from the earth.

By now it’s no secret green tea is a powerhouse of antioxidants and other incredible properties. It not only fights a slew of illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes, it even improves mental health. Yet, it’s hard to know which tea to choose. Even “healthy” products like teas and natural foods can contain contaminants and have very low bioavailability of nutrients—depending on their origin and how they were grown or processed. That’s why we felt it was time to introduce Wild Orchard Green Tea from a truly good, clean, regenerative source.

The green tea on our exclusive partner farm was grown wild and mostly untouched for 20 years before being introduced to the world. Today it continues to be grown organically without the use of chemicals or even an irrigation system. The tea plants are purely watered by the island’s frequent rain and grow in soil that is naturally dense in minerals from the native volcanic rocks.

Early on when many of the tea plants were younger and in need of some support, the farm’s organically raised geese roamed the tea fields, eating only the sprouting weeds while naturally fertilizing the already rich soil with their droppings. Bringing you green tea from our single-source regenerative farm that focuses on soil health allows us to work in concert with nature and contribute to long-term solutions to our climate & health crisis.